Ultimate Virus Killer

Ultimate Virus Killer, or UVK, is a complete virus killing machine that includes:

  1. a state-of-the-art Antivirus Scanner, which allows the user to control granularity of the scan
  2. a Zap Spyware feature, stopping spyware with the click of 1 button
  3. Popup blocker & Process Terminator to stop viruses in action and close popups which might activate viruses
  4. Hijacks & Malware Stopper to fix the effects that viruses have already done to your computer
  5. Firewall Control and Unneeded Services Stopper to bolster your computer’s defense against network viruses and greatly improve the speed and performance of your computer.

 UVK is the only AntiVirus software that allows users to create their own antivirus definitions and stop unneeded windows services!

Ultimate Virus Killer
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